It is that time of year again when we start planning for Pet Awareness Day.  The first order of business is getting donations.
  • Each year it is very difficult to get people to agree to be part of the Donations Team so I am asking if those of you who are experienced at it from helping in previous years,  Would you be willing to be involved again (PLEASE!!!!)???  You all did a phenomenal job!
  • Do you know of anyone who would be willing to join the Donations Team for this year? We need more people!!!
  • What’s involved???
    • We have a big list of community places to ask, then we divvy those places up between everyone on the team. You choose which places you want.
    • You would do the initial contact with the place or person, give them the donation letter (that I will give to you), then follow up if needed to find out the status of the donation, and possibly pick up the donation.
    • I would meet up with you periodically to get the donations from you and store them at my house.
    • February, March, and April are the prime months for asking for donations.  Lots of places prefer being asked earlier rather than later.
I am hoping to meet up with the Donations Team in a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling.  I am doing this later than usual because my old computer died, I got a new one but am still having trouble getting all my previous years PAD info into my new computer.  I am hoping it will be completed by the end of the week.  If not, I will start from scratch, but I will get it done.

Please email me back to let me know if you plan to join the Donations Team or if you have a suggestion of someone else to ask!  Even if you can only help out partially, it will still be a big help!!!

Thanks so much!! Bobbi