Want To Volunteer?

Whether you have a pet or not, you are welcome to join Companions, Inc.. We always have a need for volunteers to help with events, fundraising, advertising, and lots of other things. If you would like to support us with a paid membership, please see our Membership page.

 If you have a pet, be it a cat, dog, guinea pig, rabbit, bearded dragon or parrot, or other animal, as long as your pet meets the requirements you are welcome in our organization.


  • Pet must be well-groomed
  • Pet must pass health & fecal screening yearly (Companions, Inc. pays for current, active members)
  • Pets must be up to date on all immunizations
  • Pets must be collared and on a leash at all times–NO choke, prong or Gentle Leader collars. Standard collars ONLY.
  • Dogs must demonstrate obedience to basic commands
  • Pets should be familiar with mobility equipment
  • Pets must be tolerant of tile floors surfaces, unfamiliar sounds, movements, smells and warmer temperatures inside the facilities
  • Pet must have an affectionate, calm, trusting temperament with NO history of aggression toward people OR other animals
  • Pets must tolerate various ways of being petted by strangers
  • If pet can perform tricks, that’s a plus!

For a faster reply to your inquiry, please use the form at right.


What’s Next?

Step one. You will meet with a screener to test your pet’s suitability for the program, and get set up for the vet visit to check your pet’s health and get your pet’s fecal test.

Assuming your pet passes the temperament test, you will go to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for a background check, TB test (or x-ray) and attend an orientation.

Interested in volunteering? Fill in the below form and tell us more about your pet.